Our services:
Interpreting in four formats

We provide you with teams of qualified and committed interpreters – for any type of international event and for all necessary languages. At ECHOO, it is the interpreters who will advise you when planning your event. You can be sure of a tailor-made solution and will have a single person of contact throughout – ideally one of the interpreters who will also be present at your event.   

Simultaneous interpreting

We interpret simultaneously during conferences, workshops, training seminars and other events.

Consecutive interpreting

We interpret consecutively during talks, negotiations, excursions and other events.

Online interpreting

We offer remote simultaneous interpreting, online and in hybrid settings, via different software platforms such as Zoom.

Speech-to-text reporting

We offer speech-to-text reporting during various events to support people with impaired hearing.

Interpreting equipment?

As far as interpreters’ booths, microphones and PR systems are concerned, we’ll put you in touch with experienced specialist companies that we’ve been working with for many years. These companies also offer interpreting hubs for online events for any desired language combinations.

Translation work?

Do you also need written translations for your event, such as an agenda, presentation or background document? With a little advance warning we’ll be happy to support you. In case you’re planning to show videos, we also do subtitles, in German and other languages.

What can we do for you?

Every event is different. Use our form to request a custom-made offer – or just give us a quick call.

Our many talents

Our selection of references gives you an impression of the focal points of our work. Which doesn’t mean we’re not interested in other topics.