Who we are

The idea of a network is not exactly new. For us, it has proven itself many times over.

A network of independent interpreters – what does this mean in practice?

More than anything, it means that our two founders showed enormous foresight all those years ago. They could see that the market was becoming increasingly complex, expecting bundled competencies and collaboration rather than isolated competitors. Long before the word “network” became fashionable, they initiated a loose form of cooperation between like-minded interpreters based on firm principles.

Over the years, ECHOO has continued to develop. We pool our languages, talents and strengths – and compensate our weaknesses. Most of all, we strongly feel that the added value our network provides should benefit our customers: for example, by putting together a team that best reflects our expertise and preferences and therefore best serves you. By nominating a single person of contact who deals with everything – from your first plans for the event all the way to the final invoice.  By advising you on suitable conference equipment and recommending reliable specialist providers. Obviously, we also work with other colleagues outside of ECHOO, benefitting from their qualifications and experience.

But a network is also great outside the world of work. We regularly meet to share our experiences and discuss more general developments in our profession – also critically. We organise our own training events on a wide range of topics, such as sustainability, cultures of remembrance, IT security, European policy, voice training, remote simultaneous interpreting and much more. And, of course, we simply enjoy sharing the many cultural events Berlin has to offer – as ordinary participants as well as interpreters.


Céline Corsini
French, English, German, Portuguese

Kerstin Elsner
German, French, Spanish

Katja Fröhlich
German, Russian, French

Kira Gee
German, English

Ilham Hansen-Jaafar
French, German, English

Carsten Hinz
German, Spanish, English, French

Niki Kladoura
German, English, French, Greek

Susanne Konschak
German, Russian, English

Brigitte Weber
German, English

We are members of different national and international professional associations, including AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters); VKD (Association of conference interpreters in the BDÜ) and BDÜ (Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators).

Interested in events we have accompanied in recent months? Our references give you an indication of the topics we are particularly interested in.